Two men working on a ceiling in a room.

Our team

The  team consists of 20 members committed to producing the highest quality products. Every team member is passionate about their craft and they love what they do. Our skilled seamstresses spend hours perfecting each stitch, and our installation crew is precise, efficient and friendly. We are all dedicated to curating the environment you desire.

Jennifer Tate - General Manager        Conor Benson - Project /Field Manager      Jenifer Reid - Production Supervisor

A bathroom with a large window and a tub.

Our mission

The mission is to create beautiful, custom, hand made window coverings, bedding, and upholstery.

Our products are hand-crafted and detailed with the highest quality materials, as directed by our clients. We create and install your custom fixtures in a timely and professional manner.

A man in cowboy hat standing on dry grass.

Our History

John Tate's love for the drapery industry was fostered as an apprentice in Bozeman, Montana. As a passionate young man, John then moved to the East Coast to perfect and expand his trade under Ron Glickman with Drapery Elegance. After 12 years of absorbing the industry culture and secrets, John returned home to his beloved state of Montana.

John Tate's small family workroom here in Bozeman now proudly serves Montana and the Great Northwest region for over 30 years.  With the help of his dedicated family members Jennifer, Chuck, Maria, Amy and Kory, as well as other long-standing team members, we have established close working relationships with clients, craftsmen and interior designers from around the world.